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About Us

Once upon a time

Two guys with a few decades of experience in the world of software development at utility companies were discussing the question: 'what should be the main driver of software development projects?' during a coffee break. Before they ran out of coffee, they were both convinced that this motivation is 'business value.' The question that left: 'why is this not always the case.'

Looking back, we planted the seed to start our own company during this coffee break. Many liters of coffee later, we founded 'The IT Solutions' and formed our team based on the following simple starting point. "Our solutions need to add value."

The result

Is a diverse, talented, and passionate team with architects, designers, engineers, testers, and product owners with different experience levels. We have a no-nonsense mentality and our culture is best described as open, informal, and respectful towards each other. We promote empowerment, take on challenges, and embrace teamwork. We like to keep things simple and we are not afraid to work hard or go the extra mile. Although we give a project our all, there is always room for fun and we celebrate our successes.


With these ingredients, we have created a digital service company with a passion to design, build, and run software for global innovation-driven businesses of various sizes. We like to distinguish ourselves by focusing on a real partnership to co-create value-adding digital solution. We are on a mission to become a trusted partner of these players around the world. With our team, we’re proficient in helping them to boost productivity, solve problems, and enhance services.

Meet our team
Meindert Prins
General Manager

One of the founders and our General Manager, basically responsible for everything. Is married and has 3 beautiful daughters. Loves to make some nice steaks or other meat on his barbeque and gets excited about kitesurfing around the South Holland beaches.
Zsolt Égető

CTO of TIS with over 19 years of experience in IT. Responsible for technical work for different clients and working closely with the teams both local and remote to reach the needed goals. Likes fishing, playing the piano and playing billiards. Married and has two amazing children. P.S. Cloud enthusiast.
Norbert Kujbus
Site Manager Debrecen

Senior Manager. Leading the development center in Hungary and responsible for the operations and the growth of the office. Married, having two boys. Besides technology and cars, he loves hanging out in his beautiful garden and making tasty barbecues.
Bertalan Kis
Backend Software Engineer (Team Lead)

Team Lead, Tech Lead, DevOps guy. Whichever is needed. Started in the first Debrecen team and still hanging around. Always learning, his main interest is technology, software design, and programming languages. He's going fast by doing the right thing and keeping his teams on the right track. His main focus area outside IT are driving and related sports, so he might be a good partner on talking about Formula-1 with anybody.
Nándor Holozsnyák
Backend Software Engineer

Fan of computers, technology, and electronic music. Java developer but eager to step out of the comfort zone.
Marcell Pál
Backend Software Engineer

Interested in computer science, generally. Works as a Java developer, but always excited to learn more and more. Likes good beers, LoTR in all quantities, and board games.
László Tóth
Backend Software Engineer

Java developer but curious about almost any new technology, fighting sports, and gym. Always looking for cool new ideas for home projects. When he is not coding, he is probably playing some RPG.
Tamás Kovács
Frontend Software Engineer

Frontend developer with a few years of experience. Tried out life in the capital city, but in the end, moved back to Debrecen. Interested in sports, music and personal development. Enjoys taking long walks, playing the guitar, trying out new sports, or just sitting down to meditate.
Dávid Pintér
Backend Software Engineer

Java developer, curious about Spring and cloud technologies. Likes gaming and listening to a wide variety of music.
Milán Csukás
Fullstack Software Engineer

A software engineer with 10+ years of experience. Mostly working with JS/TS. Sometimes whatever is needed. Big fan of the functional programming and SQL. Likes D&D, computer games, and swimming.
Norbert Nagy
Backend Software Engineer

Java developer, experienced with Spring but curious about other technologies. Loves fishing, and makes colleagues laugh with his tiring stories and jokes.
László Szabó
Backend Software Engineer (Team Lead)

Team lead, likes reading, learning, thinking, dealing with all kinds of problems, from small to big tasks. Interested in algorithms and data structures, machine learning, and security-related things.
Bence Molnár
Backend Software Engineer

Started in the first Hungarian team as a backend developer. Likes to get knee-deep into things. Send him your idea and he will make it happen; from woodworking to bricklaying, he can work with anything.
Vivien Kristan
HR Representive

Mainly in charge of our recruitment process. Fond of sports (crossfit and yoga) and an enthusiast of exploring new places and meeting people. Loves reading as well and interested in psychology-related books.
Ceejay Orji
Frontend Software Engineer

Frontend developer. Always has something to bring to the table. If there is no table, he'll build one! Passionate about technology and is always ready for a challenge.
Ádám Soltész
Backend Software Engineer (Team Lead)

A semi-founding member of the Debrecen team, started just a few weeks after the opening of the office. Team lead, mostly Java guy, but open to any technologies that promise a great result. Loves all kinds of sports, but most probably you'll find him running in the mountains on some muddy obstacle races.
Ádám Novák
QA Engineer

QA Engineer, voice of common sense and bringer of bad news. Passionate for IoT, fast cars, and growing vegetables in the garden. Pitmaster.
Dániel Juhász
Backend Software Engineer

One of the Java developers, but also has some background in Windows systems and service delivery. Always making sure the goals and deadlines met with all his skills in store. Loves watching Youtube and browsing Reddit, whenever not in the gym.
Gábor Harsányi
Frontend Software Engineer

Also known as G dog, third of his name, the boardgame collector, reader of comic books, consumer of junk food, the beer destroyer, son of JavaScript, and of course... huge fan of the Game of Thrones series.
Gábor Molnár
Frontend Software Engineer

One of the frontend guys and not afraid to get to know new technologies. Interested in computers. Somewhere between a casual and a hardcore gamer. Loves photography. Enthusiast of cooking. Likes eating food of almost every cuisine the same way as to cook them.
Gábor Dandár
Frontend Software Engineer

Frontend developer, currently working with things driven by JavaScript. Heavy metal guitarist, who sometimes makes video games.
Mihály Szatmári
Frontend Software Engineer

Frontend developer, mostly experienced in Angular and Vue.js. Interested in state management and clean code. Big fan of calisthenics and bouldering.