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AWS Development

We love AWS because it is...


Each year AWS is growing in the number of users and services.


AWS provides around 300 services from networking through compute, machine learning to IoT and further.

Gartner Leader

Along with being one of the most trusted cloud providers, AWS is now the leading cloud provider on the market.

Customer Obsession

AWS listens to the customers and through their feedback they introduce innovations which are actually requested for leading their product line in the direction of high usability.

Ease of Use

Customers can easily use sevices which would be hard or expensive to use outside of the cloud. Managed services take most of the burden of setup and maintenance from the customer side and let them focus on the product instead.


Billing and prices are elements to consider. Lack of knowledge can lead to high cost. Always architect for failure. Using the managed services more then needed could create high cost and vendor lock-in.

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