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Joint Agile product Development

As a promising scale-up in optimizing heating networks with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Gradyent collaborates with major European energy suppliers. Gradyent offers parties insight into their heating network; they can, therefore, measure at any time from source to the customer what is happening within a heating network and know what actions to take. This leads to optimal returns and helps them to achieve major savings. Gradyent developed this SaaS solution together with The IT Solutions (TIS).

From the start, Gradyent was looking for an innovative partner to help further develop the idea for its platform. Robert Vrancken, CTO at Gradyent: "We had a strong concept, ambitious plans, and were on the point of quickly establishing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) without hiring an entire team internally. TIS turned out to be the flexible all-round partner we were looking for to help us achieve this MVP. ”

“TIS suggested forming a cross-functional team including a Product Owner, a Solution Architect, and few developers. We first co-created a Proof of Concept (POC) with which we could attract the first investments to fund the development of the MVP. In short iterations, according to the Scrum methodology, the team continued to build and deliver the MVP in time. Together they realized the designs, the (cloud) architecture, the automated deployment process, the environment, the back- and frontend, and the integration with the AI/ML Core."

"We are very proud of the collaboration that we have managed to achieve in a short time and the team dynamics that have emerged within the team. TIS has really shown to have expertise in this area. Integration with our team was very organic as if you were really onboarding your own people, ”says Vrancken.

A real partnership
Working quickly towards a full-fledged product requires a lot and is not without risks. “You can easily use the word 'partnership', but in this case, it really applies. “To make the right choices you have to be able to rely on the expertise of your partners. Such as the various important technology and architecture choices proposed by TIS and all of which have been successfully realized," says Vrancken.

As far as he is concerned, the cooperation between his company and TIS is more than a classic customer-supplier relationship: “Neither of our companies is a large corporate, we share the same entrepreneurial spirit. When we speak to Quincy and the team, they immediately understand our challenges and how we want to add value. Why are our development priorities different than those within traditional IT organizations? Much more agile and focused on business value, with the fast delivery of new functionality being particularly important.”


The fact that Gradyent has been working with the same Product Owner from TIS since the beginning tells something about the collaboration. “Our experience is that TIS creates a very stable part of our team, which works in full cooperation with Gradyent's in-house employees. A part is in the Netherlands, a part is in Hungary, but everyone is equally involved and always available.”

Future plans

The collaboration has been successful so far. That is why Gradyent also sees a lot of perspective for a shared future. Vrancken: “We see an important role for the TIS Scrum and DevOps teams in the future. The collaboration has grown and progressed very organically so far, and we would like to continue it in the same way. We will of course continue to use the TIS specialists not only for development, QA, and support but also for architecture support to ensure that we continue to make the right cloud and technology choices.”