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Digital transformation of hotel booking.



About the client

Waive helps hoteliers to digitize service. The goal is simple: Improving the guest experience while increasing the hotel's revenue. Main focus of Waive is the support within this process, in order to contribute to the digital transition of the hotel owner. Waive co-created this SaaS solution together with The IT Solutions (TIS). In the search for a partner who could help build an MVP, Waive entered into dialogue with The IT Solutions (TIS) on the advice of one of the investors. “When starting a company, you have to deal specifically with the development budget. There is not much room to experiment with different partners,” says Nout Knabben, founder and CEO of Waive. "TIS turned out to be the right partner for fast and targeted development."

The task

To design a web application using which guests can easily use the facilities and offers of a hotel. For example, reservations, room service or the rental of an E-bike. All data is collected, analyzed and used to obtain more return from the existing hotel services.


The solution

In cooperation with TIS, Waive set the MVP's objectives and preconditions tightly before converting them into concrete development steps. The MVP was actually built based on short sprints according to the scrum methodology. Every Monday, there was a team-wide Skype session, evaluating last week's sprint and setting goals for the week ahead. "Working in weekly sprints with TIS ensures that you see clear progress and that we can adjust quickly if necessary." After the planned 5 weeks, the MVP was live at some Waive customers.

You can clearly see that the expertise of the TIS team is an enormous added value for early stage start-ups. First, the transformation of Waive's initial plans into a concrete development plan saves a lot in time-to-market and budget. Secondly, TIS ensured the quality and robustness of developments by implementing minor quality improvements on its own initiative. "Especially in the MVP phase, it is important for startups that the development partner can guarantee quality and prevent downtime with customers."


Our customers are very satisfied with the current app and if our customers are satisfied, so are we. To boost that satisfaction, we are looking for continuous improvements in our services. We see TIS as a strong partner for growth because they pursue the same goals as we do.

Nout Knabben - Waive

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