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A digital service company with a passion to design, build and run software for global innovation-driven businesses of various sizes. We partner with companies that share our vision by helping them to make value adding digital solutions. We are on a mission to become a trusted partner of these players around the world. With our team, we’re proficient in helping them to boost productivity, solve problems and enhance services.   Read More

what we offer

Creating solutions through software development is our passion.  Whether you are looking for a custom software solution, need an experienced integrator to create a connected software ecosystem or want to extend your existing squad with a cross functional development team, we are the right partner. We have a ' cloud first mindset' and like to automate our own processes as much as possible.

Our Services

Software Development

We help you to design, built and run your product or service

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Cloud Services

We support you at all stages of your Cloud adoption

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We help you when you are in need additional knowledge

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How we Roll


The first step is intended to gain insight in your problem, needs or wishes of your product/service. We prefer to do this by offering an additional service called A Design Sprint (sprint 0). This is an interactive workshop in which both teams work together to clearly define and understand the goals, concepts, background, limitations and characteristics of the project. At the end of this sprint, we have a clearly defined and high-over estimate plan.


In this phase we compose a dedicated team with the needed skills that best suits the project. Together we determine which quality standards we will pursue for the product and use this to propose the QA approach and develop the ideal test plan. Last but not least we decide how the development pipeline should look like. Our standard automated pipeline contains continuous integration, testing, and deployment (CI/CD).


Our SCRUM iterations (sprints) usually last between one to two weeks depending on the needs of the project. We strive to deliver value for every sprint and we are happy to share the results in a demo at the end of each sprint. We love to hear your feedback to know we are on the right track or need to make adjustments. Ideally we release the end result of every sprint to the production environment so the end users can immediately use the new functionality.

What Customers say


"The way TIS complements us by always looking for the solution that provides the most value for our business case, makes TIS the ideal partner. One that really helps us achieve our goals. Partly because of this, we look confidently at the future and our cooperation.” (Huub Sparnaay)

“It is just very easy to switch with TIS. They understand the problems we face and we don't have to explain all the scenarios. They think along with us, see interrelationships and notice things proactively, ” (Robin van Klaveren)

"Our customers are very satisfied with the current app and if our customers are satisfied, so are we. To boost that satisfaction, we are looking for continuous improvements in our services. We see TIS as a strong partner for growth because they pursue the same goals as we do” (Nout Knabben)

“You can easily use the word 'partnership,' but in this case, it really applies. Together we have made a lot of technical choices and taken a leap several times. You can cut yourself in the fingers with that, but we have never lost control. The expertise is enormous." (Robert Vrancken)

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If Infrastructure as Code exists, then does Presentation as Code exist too? As a developer sometimes we are wondering how should we make a presentation for the next big event like knowledge share sessions, conferences, demos and we find a lot of stuff out there,.........


This is a frequently asked question and it is not always easy to explain. In this blog we give it a try .........


how we met each other, what I thought then, why I joined to the company, what was my expectation? I have already decided to change my career at the time when I got a call from an unknown recruiter (we became good partners later) in June 2018. I was interviewing in Budapest to the big names but I was not super happy.

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Recent vacancies

Junior/Medior/Senior Java Developer
Debrecen, Hungary

As a valuable member of a small Scrum team of 4-6, you will be responsible for the delivery of high-quality code for one of our solutions tailored to our customer's needs.

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Tech Team Lead
Debrecen, Hungary

You will be responsible for ensuring that your team always delivers solutions to the standards we and our clients expect, for providing technical and team leadership as well as for spending your time in the code.

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Junior/Medior/Senior Frontend Developer
Debrecen, Hungary

In a small Scrum team of 4-6, you will be responsible for JavaScript-heavy web application development on established and new projects, using modern technologies. As we tailor our frontend solutions to our customers’ needs, you get to work on diverse task types and use various tools.

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Node JS
Java Script