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Software Development

Software Development

Java Development

We love Java because it is...


Since 1995, Java his being constantly picked up by more and more developers because its’ WORA (Write Once Run Everywhere) concept.


Java can be used for all kinds of projects starting from small mobile applications to big enterprise applications.


Over 5 million Java developers across the world use and modernize the language to make sure it can support various development works.


The JVM supports different kinds of languages to make sure developers can choose and apply the most suited solution for their problem. Some examples: Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, JRuby etc.

Loved by Innovators

Large number of fortune 500 companies are using Java: Google, Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, Intel, Uber, Spotify, and many more.


Java is a verbose language. It can have performance issues if it is not tweaked properly. Garbage collection control and memory management are ongoing challenges in Java.

GO Development

We love GO because it is...


Go emphasizes a simple and easy-to-learn syntax and design.


Go supports lightweight concurrent execution through goroutines and channels.


Go prioritizes execution speed and memory usage optimization.

Strong typing and static compilation

Go enforces static typing and compiles to standalone executables.

Standard library

Go provides a comprehensive library, reducing reliance on external dependencies.

Robust error handling

Go emphasizes explicit error handling for more reliable code.

PHP Development

We love PHP because it is...

Easy and Simple to Learn

Along with PHP syntax being logical and well-organized, the command functions are easy to understand, as they tell the developer what function they perform.

Extremely Flexible

The ability to make changes even after starting the project saves valuable time. A developer does not have to write fresh codes or command functions, as changes to the existing codes and functions can be done and used.

Easy Integration

PHP is compatible with a large majority of operating systems. As it can be integrated without effort with other technologies, such as Java, existing software does not require re-development. This saves time and money.

Efficient Performance

It is scalable when used for writing codes or creating a large number of applications. It is the programming language of choice when a website has several web pages.


PHP is an open-source web language, hence is completely free. There is no expense involved in purchasing expensive licenses or software. It can work efficiently with different databases, such as MySQL, Apache, and PostgreSQL.


While PHP may be a powerful tool supported by an outsized community and plentiful reference documentation, there are easier programming languages for web apps.

React Development

We love React because it is...

Future-proof for developers

Constantly evolving, living library created by Facebook with fantastic, active community. Always better, brings solutions to new problems by every new versions.


We didn’t say it is easy but it is much simpler than other tools, and that's what could hook us. Simple concepts, great realisations to build fast and reliable applications.

Building blocks

There is only one rule: write the component once, use twice or three times or as many times as you need. Ensures well-tested, cost-efficient apps in reduced time.


It is perfect for from a level of a side-project to a complexity of solving problems at Paypal. Gives solutions for performant apps, SEO-friendly sites used by SSG or SSR.

Preferred by big companies

Not just us but many of companies are using React like Facebook, Netflix, Atlassian, Paypal, Tesla, Airbnb etc.


Easy to start but hard to master. It is hard to find the right tool for the right project. In wrong hands a React app can be big and greedy for memory.

Cloud  Services

Cloud Services

AWS Development

We love AWS because it is...


Each year AWS is growing in the number of users and services.


AWS provides around 300 services from networking through compute, machine learning to IoT and further.

Gartner Leader

Along with being one of the most trusted cloud providers, AWS is now the leading cloud provider on the market.

Customer Obsession

AWS listens to the customers and through their feedback they introduce innovations which are actually requested for leading their product line in the direction of high usability.

Ease of Use

Customers can easily use services which would be hard or expensive to use outside of the cloud. Managed services take most of the burden of setup and maintenance from the customer side and let them focus on the product instead.


Billing and pricing should be considered. Glitches may occur despite the HA architecture. Managed sevices should be used since they are simple to use and create vendor lock-in.

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