Looking Back for the Last Two Years

The World of Multis

I wanted to escape the multis since I was tied up with lots of unproductive processes. Slow decision-making was one of them. It is a culture where everyone wants to show their value in a cramped way. I think that makes the whole culture unproductive and weird.

I enjoyed the parts of my career when I got real empowerment and true responsibility to build something new, a new development site, a new product, or a new process. I love solving problems from end to end since it requires understanding the needs, then planning, getting the buy-in, and finally executing. So why should I join a multi again and be responsible for a specific part only?

The Beginning

So, I met with Meindert and Quincy with these things in my mind. They were very sympathetic because they were open, honest, and direct. Their vision and value matched very well with mine. I trusted them. I left the discussions with a positive mind. I felt motivated and excited again after a long time.

My brain started to think about how I would approach their goals and what I would do first to make them successful. I could not stop thinking about these. Joining a new company involves some risk. Of course, it is not comparable to the huge opportunities it brings. We agreed quickly then I left work for a vacation, full of motivation, excitement, and happiness.

The First Step

The start was full of energy. It was even more energetic than I expected. And when I say “the start” then I mean the next day right after I accepted the offer. I counted 58 email conversations with Meindert while I was on my holiday in Malta.

The interview process of the first team was already in progress while we were opting for the best environment, equipment, and infrastructure for the team.

The Start

"The first team will start in one and a half months". – said Meindert. "Wow, what a challenge!" – I said. Well, if you had known the lead time of getting lease line internet in downtown Debrecen then you would have said it’s impossible. Another example is the average delivery time of high-end laptops, finding a team who can start immediately and rebuild a few things in the new office, and buying furniture. We wanted everything ready by 1st September when the first team of five started.

Finally, we did it on time, with a fantastic result! I enjoyed every single minute of this period. We got to know each other better and better, and we resonated at the same frequency.

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