Putting Clients First: The IT Solutions' Solution-Driven Approach

Solution first

At The IT Solutions, we focus on the solution, not the technology stack. Let's be honest, for every solution and situation, you can use a certain stack that is probably more suitable.

Let me give you some examples.

The Dutch Railroads

We work for the NS (Dutch Railroads) which has a clearly defined stack of Azure, Java, and Angular (and in some projects, we use React). It is logical for the NS, who has an enterprise architecture, that even new POCs should follow the same setup. This does not mean the NS is not innovative. I think they are probably one of the most innovative and modern companies out there. They just can't afford to not go with the stability that a language like Java provides.

Gulf Gas and Power

We work with Gulf Gas and Power which are growing big in the energy domain. In this project, we work with a stack that for example includes AWS, Python, Java, and React. Most companies in the energy domain need the stability of grown-up languages, but because of the dynamics in this domain, we also need to take newer languages into account to reach the goals. For example data, but also IoT, is getting more and more important. We encounter more and more of a need to use data to forecast, which is often done by using AI. AI is mostly being built in languages like Python and Go. Go for example performs way better than Java with large amounts of data.

Start-ups and scale-ups

We often work with start-ups, that do not care about the stack, they just have a great idea. Starting with a language like Java is often not a good idea. Not because you could not start fast (we showed it multiple times it is possible) but because the goals of the typical start-up often need a different approach. Let's say the first step is to build a POC or MVP to get in new investors, then Languages like Python (usually for AI, but hey.... aren't we all working with AI nowadays, haha), but also Node.js and Next.js will do the trick. But if you envision yourself having an enterprise someday, you need to think about the pros and cons of the stack you chose. upfront.

Technologies we use

So does that mean at The IT Solution we do everything? No, absolutely not. Our backbone is still Java it is where we come from. This is why we say we have the best engineers because if you know how to program in Java, you know how to build a solution. Are we sticking to Java? No, we are absolutely not! We do more and more in the area where Go is more suitable, and we are big fans!

Cloud solutions

And what about the Cloud? Yes, we are an AWS partner, which is logical if you look at the stack we work with often. Does that mean we do not see the benefits of other cloud solutions? No, of course not. We also work with Azure and some really cool private clouds.

Clients to succeed

In the end, it boils down to what our clients need to be successful and we are more than happy to help our clients in those choices.

Real business partner

Oh yes, I almost forgot. No, we do not use .net (as Messi will also never play for Real Madrid, right?), but we will always be here to help you find the right solutions and to be your real business partner.

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