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"As a developer, I'm always looking for challenges during the work time and after it too, and the challenges always find me as well. Last year I participated in a contest organized by the Every year they organize this seven-week long event where in the first 4 weeks participants have one full week to finish the tests made by the partners of the organizers. In the last 3 weeks, the tests are being launched on a fixed date with a fixed amount of time to use to complete. First I attended this competition in 2019 and registered for different categories like Java EE, Spring and language-independent programming and in 2020 I did the same.The tests were based on very broad topics from basic to the advanced Java stuff and of course, as their names state Java EE and Spring. To my surprise, I finished at 7th place in the Spring category which was organized by the Epam Systems. They mostly focused on advanced Java and Spring related questions, which in the last 3 weeks required a lot of technical skills to finish in time. But the biggest surprise was that I won the JAVA EE category, this category was organized by the IBM and they were mostly focusing on the core Java EE stuff like:

  • Servlets
  • JSONB and JSONP and JAXB
  • Bean Validation
  • CDI
  • JPA and some JDBC questions
  • EJB
  • JAX-RS

All of the Java EE specification related topics were there and I would say each test held some tricky questions which required some practice and real-life experience from the past. The time for the tests were typically small and you could only rely on your skills - this is what it made so much fun. I'm thankful for the opportunity and I hope I will see more familiar names and faces in this year."

We are really proud of the dedication and performance of Nandi. He is a great example of the fact that it is never enough of challenges.

1st place